Old projects download

All one-shots I've done can be found on my MEGA shared folder.
Follow THIS LINK for the folder.

Most of webtoons I've translated can be found by following THIS LINK.

Finally, most of scanlation projects (The ones I tore books and scanned them) are found via this link.

Note that not everything was uploaded. Ones that didn't go too far or ones that were taken by DMCA (Not exactly DMCA but, due to lack of better terms, let's just put it that way.) won't be uploaded.

DMCA-ed projects: Dalsez, Again Spring

Lastly, I've listed some of my most popular projects, just so that they are easier to locate.
All in all, I've taken on 35 webtoon projects, 43 scanlation (book) projects, and 50 one-shots.

Useful Good for nothing, 2014 ~ 2015 webtoon project This was probably the last popular project I did, bringing 600 ~ 2200 unique visitors to my site during its peak.
It was leeched off by Chinese real quick as well...

Funny thing was that some of readers at aggregator sites thought I was the author, trying to give me advice to improve the webtoon. I simply told them to f**k off.

Love @ First sight, 2009 ~ 2014 manwha book project.

This was certainly one of the most popular projects I did. I really loved this manhwa in the beginning but hated it by its end because I felt the author lost her ways.

Princess was my project from 2005 ~ 2008.

I worked on 31 volumes and this was probably the most popular project I had done.
It was one of few projects I didn't mind going all the way to 31st volume. However, the author's health issues caused 8 years of hiatus.
By time she returned working on this, my site was nearly dead and so was my passion toward scanlation. Therefore, I abandoned it.

The way this boy lives was my first official project in 2002. I did few bits of scanlation prior and reception was good and this project was what got me started.

I don't recall it being very popular but it was popular enough to get my site going.

Note that my English was pretty poor  back in 2002.


  1. Do you still have the old manga that you scans called Break Age? I'm thinking of continuing scanlating those

    1. I don't have the raws if that is what you are asking. I have the books that were planned to be torn apart and scanned and that never happened.

  2. No, the one that has already scanlated. The digital version is pretty much free by now at mangaz.com , and i'm thinking of uploading the one that you worked on to mangadex so people can read it first before i worked on the next chapter. It was somewhere in early vol3 iirc.

    1. It has been uploaded to the third link on the page.


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