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Kumiho is being worked on only because an editor wants to do it.

This is a story about a fox with nine tails. This is a monster you may be familiar with.

>>Kumiho folder<<


  1. Hi... Ammm... Expect not to bother with my question. I come from a Spanish fansub, and in the absence of Korean translators I am looking for a joint to get a manhwa that I have been interested in for a long time, however this manhwa is from a platform called lezhin, so ... I have come to ask, would not they be interested in a joint? ... Even though I can only provide the raws and cleanings of that project ... I await your response and thank you very much for reading... 😊😣
    The project is a manhwa yaoi called "솜사탕은 생각보다 맛이 없다"

    1. Can you let me download first few episodes?


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