A little bit of history

Just a little bit of background history behind this blog and how all good things come to an end, eventually.

I will try to make it short.

Believe or not, I was one of the first scanaltors for Korean manwha back in 1998. The site, at the time anime-anime.com, rose to it highest during 2003 ~ 2005 where I had to maintain a dedicated server to handle the traffic. The site domain changed as well to janimes.com

However, aggregator sites started to progressively draw traffic away from the site and the site started to wither. By year 2012, at which point the site domain changed to surasplace.com, the site was hanging on but it was clearly dying.

As old timers at the site moved on with their lives and no new fresh blood coming in, it was, really, a matter of time. I finally decided that it was enough and called it quits on mid-March of 2018.

Looking back, I had a choice of turning the site of an aggregator site. I knew I had the choice but chose not. It was due to moral reasons.

Personally, I've moved on from scanlation myself as well. I now devote my time writing my stories (Two Clusters), doing CGs via Blender, and amatuer game development via RPG Maker MV.