Just sharing something funny.

Happy 2019, people.

I believe I've stated this before but I am going to state again.

My 20 years of scanlation enabled to to learn English in a very selective way.
I can only read and write English. I cannot speak and understand English when spoken verbally.

The English language appears in form of letters instead of sound in my head. It's probably a weird concept for you to understand but that's how it is.

Kumiho completed and the future

I've packed up the entire webtoon and it can be found at the old project page.

With that project done, I no longer have any active project on my plate. This is pretty much it for my scanlation venture.
There are hundreds of good webtoons still out there, completely untranslated but I no longer have the desire to work on them.
There won't likely be any further releases/updates now.

Kumiho episode 20


Next update will be the last episode for Kumiho.

Kumiho episode 19

Kumiho episode 18

Kumiho episode 17

Kumiho episode 16

Kumiho episode 15

Kumiho episode 14

Kumiho episode 13