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China virus AKA Coronavirus AKA Covid-19

China virus is currently the hot topic in the world as WHO (A useless entity) has declared it a pandemic.

I'd like to talk about it a little as a South Korean.

In South Korea, the china virus isn't a big deal and I can tell you why the infection rate has already flattened out.

For Koreans, wearing a face mask has been norm for several years. It is due to "micro dust" in heavy urban environment. It's basically pollution + dust that get into your lungs and cause issues as you age.

Health officials have been raising awareness for micro dust for over a decade and it is norm for us to wear a medical mask when going out.

Therefore, when china virus hit the nation, spread was low. Most of people who were infected by the virus belong to a cult in a region called Daegu. Outside of that cult, almost no one has got it. Even if others carry the virus, it seems almost none show any serious symptoms.
There have been few who seemed healthy die from it but their number is low en…