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The Isle episode 15 (Normal end)

About time I posted an update for this webtoon, I suppose.

This webtoon has two endings, a happy ending and a sad ending.

This is the happy ending one.

Episode 15 (MEGA)

Kumiho episode 10

Kumiho episode 9

Evil queen's holiday Ep.124. the end

EQH Ep.124

The author of this webtoon goes by an alias of Rusielin.

While Evil queen's holiday was his first official work, he has done numerous other stuff while learning from EQH. If you've been following this webtoon, you would have noticed a steady improvement. Simply compare the first episode and the last.

The difference is very clear.

Having said that, nobody draws a webtoon for years without a motive/a goal. And Rusielin had a goal. His goal was apparently to earn a living via drawing webtoons. (The dream for most of comic artists which probably only 0.1% reach.)

And in order to get a job as a webtoon artist, he wanted some sort of portfolio. And that is where Evil Queen's holiday comes in. It appeared that his first planned step was getting approved as an official webtoon artist for PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

His intentions/plans can be seen @ this gallery site.

His uploads show clear intention in going commercial. He has drawn clip arts as well as vari…

Evil queen's holiday Episode 123

Deviant art part 1

Part 2

One more episode to go.

Evil Queen's holday Ep. 122

I am now uploading scanlation to Deviant Art page so that you can read online or download if you wish.