Kumiho episode 7 released.



  1. Hi, Sura. Regarding your policy on external uploads, would you consider allowing an exception for sites that operate as a non-profit in that they do not serve ads or require payment?

    1. Based off archived versions of your old website, it looks like you were content with the way Batoto handled things. MangaDex, seeking to be the successor to the now-defunct Batoto, provides group leaders with full control over any chapters released under a group's name, including editing and deleting any chapters at their discretion as well as restricting uploads so that only authorized members of a group can upload their releases. In addition, this means that a scanlator can choose to allow uploads of their works or remove them at a later date if the group's policy is to remove copies of their works should the original material become officially licensed & translated.

      A vast majority of groups that previously uploaded to Batoto have moved to MangaDex, content with its efforts to enable groups to allow, selectively allow, or outright block the sharing of their content.

      Knowing that we aim to follow in Batoto's footsteps in regards to responsible adherence of groups' preferences, would you be interested in choosing to allow your works' presence on MangaDex as you did with Batoto?

    2. I am no longer interested in spreading my work. So, my answer remains no.


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