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Kumiho completed and the future

I've packed up the entire webtoon and it can be found at the old project page.

With that project done, I no longer have any active project on my plate. This is pretty much it for my scanlation venture.
There are hundreds of good webtoons still out there, completely untranslated but I no longer have the desire to work on them.
There won't likely be any further releases/updates now.

Kumiho episode 20


Next update will be the last episode for Kumiho.

Kumiho episode 19

Kumiho episode 18

Kumiho episode 17

Kumiho episode 16

Kumiho episode 15

Kumiho episode 14

Kumiho episode 13

Kumiho episode 12

At my deviant art page.

The Isle alternative ending and done

With this update, the Isle webtoon is completed.


While this webtoon doesn't fit the bill for the most of readers nowadays, this webtoon is rare in a sense that this is about soldiers having mental issues after discharged from wars.

Moreover, the protagonist is a soldier from one of middle east wars which is a somewhat sensitive object on its own nowadays.

Kumiho episode 11

Youtube: Celebration of Korean football team after winning gold.


Asian games, football (AKA soccer in America) final game

For a lot of Koreans, football (known as soccer in America) is the unofficial national game. We take a lot of pride in it.

And often times its Korea vs. Japan in final which often makes it extra special.

Today, September 1st, Asian games 2018 football final was Korea vs. Japan. And the game had a special string attached to it aside from a fact that Korea was on verge of winning 2 concessive finals.

This game was Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung-min's last chance to avoid Korea's mandatory military service (21 months) because winning a gold medal in any major tournament would spare him of the mandatory military service. (Silver and bronze also count for Olympics)

At 26 years of age, this was really the last chance for him. If failed, he'd rot his important 2 years in military because 28 is the limit a male can postpone being drafted into the service.

In the end though, the game was won by Korea, 2-1 AET.

You can read the final report (in Korean) here if you wish. But in …

The Isle episode 15 (Normal end)

About time I posted an update for this webtoon, I suppose.

This webtoon has two endings, a happy ending and a sad ending.

This is the happy ending one.

Episode 15 (MEGA)

Kumiho episode 10

Kumiho episode 9

Evil queen's holiday Ep.124. the end

EQH Ep.124

The author of this webtoon goes by an alias of Rusielin.

While Evil queen's holiday was his first official work, he has done numerous other stuff while learning from EQH. If you've been following this webtoon, you would have noticed a steady improvement. Simply compare the first episode and the last.

The difference is very clear.

Having said that, nobody draws a webtoon for years without a motive/a goal. And Rusielin had a goal. His goal was apparently to earn a living via drawing webtoons. (The dream for most of comic artists which probably only 0.1% reach.)

And in order to get a job as a webtoon artist, he wanted some sort of portfolio. And that is where Evil Queen's holiday comes in. It appeared that his first planned step was getting approved as an official webtoon artist for PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

His intentions/plans can be seen @ this gallery site.

His uploads show clear intention in going commercial. He has drawn clip arts as well as vari…

Evil queen's holiday Episode 123

Deviant art part 1

Part 2

One more episode to go.

Evil Queen's holday Ep. 122

I am now uploading scanlation to Deviant Art page so that you can read online or download if you wish.

EQH Ep. 121 & a bit of rant

Recently, yet another manga aggregator site called "MangaDex" approached me asking whether they could upload my work while claiming that they are the spiritual successor to Batoto and would fully acknowledge my wishes of uploading policy.

I told them no and they uploaded all of my work anyway which makes them no better than other aggregator sites out there.

Batoto did acknowledge my uploading policy. MangaDex doesn't care.

This is the biggest problem I have with the scanlation world which is why I've withdrawn from this bullshit.

EQH-121 (MEGA)

Evil queen's holiday Episode 120

Evil queen's holiday Episode 119

Kumiho episode 8

Evil queen's holiday Episode 118

Evil queen's holiday Ep.117

Kumiho episode 7 released.

Evil queen's holiday Episode 116

Kumiho Episode 6 released.

Evil queen's holiday Episode 115

EQH EP 114 released.

EQH EP 113 released.

Kumiho Episode 5 released.

EQH EP 112 released.

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