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For general discussions, debates, or cat fights.

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Webtoon introduction & reviews

Let me introduce you webtoons you've probably not seen before.

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Webtoons and Anime

This is the place to discuss anime, manga, and manwha in general. This is also a place to discuss my projects.

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Guest - zxcvbnm,
Basically, "get a wife"
Guest - Bary
Wise woman and great actress!
Guest - July
Oh, so life situation. Unanswered love... Thanks.
Sura had to remove Dalsez due to copyright notice. I don't remember if it was completed or not but e...
Guest - Fenir
Hey, i really loved Dalse, and im sorry if you've answered this question before- I haven't been able...
Guest - zxcvbnm,
... and she keeps wearing that dress forever, in bath, on bed... all year round.
I had it disabled due to a large number of spam signings. I've enabled it back for now.
Guest - ThuLan
dear Sura, i am searching for the last volume of Love at first sight... then i learned that i have t...
Guest - sergioGM
Why no more chapters?
Hi Sura! Thank you so much for this series! I was wondering where I can find the Love At First Sight...