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Phew, this was a long week.

I've rewritten the review for Trance female fantasy final edition, and all three reviews are now complete.

I am glad to have found this gem in hentai games. It takes few years but every once in a while I do get to find hidden gems like this.

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I've added a review for Trance female fantasy dual, the second game in the trilogy.

Now that I've played the two games in the trilogy, I will likely need to rewrite my review for Trance female fantasy final edition.

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After playing Trance female fantasy final edition, I decided to play Trance female fantasy and subsequently I've completed its review.

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I've added a detailed review of a hentai game. The title is Trance Female Fantasy: Final Edition.

It was a very good game.

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9th story of the Hammers arc has been added.

[The Hammers arc] [9] [Interview] [9616] 3.1

14 pages.

Edith gets to interview Cecil.

2015 Oct 30 - Rev 3.1

Date Saturday, 31 October 2015 03:52 File Size 282.33 KB Download 79 Download

Additionally, a lore file, Venus, has seen a total rewrite.

Venus 2

A lore file about Venus.

The most developed planet in Sol system.

2015 Oct 30 - Rev 2

Date Monday, 26 October 2015 01:17 File Size 342.96 KB Download 85 Download

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I have a new ship for Two Clusters, but it isn't anything fancy this time.

It's VNN (Venus News Network) shuttle made by SSS. (Super Star Shipyard). Believe or not, coming up with SSS logo took more hours than modelling the shuttle in Blender.

Venus News Network [VNN]

A lore file regarding VNN.

Date Sunday, 25 October 2015 23:04 File Size 85.59 KB Download 91 Download

Super Star Shipyard (SSS)

Super Star Shipyard was one of two major shipyards in Sol system.

Date Sunday, 25 October 2015 23:03 File Size 214.67 KB Download 82 Download

VNN Shuttle

About VNN's custom shuttle.

Its codename was "Cheap bastards".

Date Sunday, 25 October 2015 21:59 File Size 309.26 KB Download 79 Download

This is a long term goal, but I have a busy docking bay scene going in Blender. For it to work, however, I need more ships, not in numbers but in variations. Currently, including this shuttle, I have only five different kind of ships (VN Cecilia, USF Courage, Akabasa freighter, USF Frigate, and this shuttle). I need more. How many, I don't know at this point.

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Webtoon, Whamanga, has been completed.

My thoughts: Whmanga has also been added to the Inn for some thought-chewing.

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5th story to Juron arc has been added:

[Juron arc] [5] [New enemies] [9633]

22 pages.

Juron's side of story in 2nd Sol-Andromeda war.

2015 Oct 19 - Initial Rev 1.2 uploaded

Date Monday, 26 October 2015 00:27 File Size 422.31 KB Download 93 Download

This concludes 2nd Sol-Andromeda war event.

A new lore file has been added as well:

Red Plate Shipyard

About a company called "Red Plate Shipyard".

Date Sunday, 25 October 2015 23:01 File Size 140.37 KB Download 74 Download

The lore file is best read with

Akabasa freighter

A small freighter by Red plate shipyard.

Date Sunday, 25 October 2015 21:57 Language  English File Size 111.67 KB Download 86 Download

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