I've uploaded Super Daddy Yeol episode 3 (RAW). It can be found on the drama page.

I've also started relocation of Legacy project to current project page. The relocation will take some time to be complete. Once completed, the search box on the project page will be able to fetch older titles.

The subtitle for Super Daddy Yeol episode one is now 27 minutes complete.

Update: The subtitle is now good for 40 minutes.

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1. I've created a dedicated page for Super Daddy Yeol Korean drama.


2. Whether like or not, my main focus and the site main focus is my own novel, so I shall shamelessly advertise once again. I've also created a logo for it which can be seen on right side.


3. An editor decided to pick up a new webtoon to work on. The title is Wanderer's Ace which is a related story of another webtoon that has been completed.




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