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8th story to folder Shattered union arc has been added: pdf [Shattered union arc] [8] [2nd Sol Andromeda war] [9633] (251 KB)

This is 1st part of the story. Next one shall be [Kain and Suu arc] [6] [Admiral Kain] [9633].

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I've completed another ship model in Blender. This time, it is a non-combat ship called "Akabasa" freighter vessel.

I've added a lore file for it for Two Clusters as well: pdf Akabasa freighter (111 KB)

And while at it, I've also added USF fighter lore file. It was long overdue: pdf USF fighter (129 KB)

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A milestone indeed, at least for me. It was huge; I created my first full humanoid in Blender. Granted, I took a base model from Daz3D but hair, eyelashes, eyes, the crimson robe, boots, except for the base model which I modified fairly extensively, everything else was created in Blender.

Most importantly, it is Cecil, the arch character of Two Clusters. I am sure I will rework on it in the future but, for the time being, this is what it is.

You can see the full size render from either the 3D render room or my user gallery accessible through my profile.

The model took me almost 2 weeks to have come to this. Most of time was spent in learning human figure modelling, rigging, hair styling, and so on. Once I felt I was ready, it took about 4 days from nothing to this.

Now, once I was successfully able to make a figure, the next one was a breeze. In fact, it took slightly less than an hour to come up with the guy on right side.

The guy was made in MakeHuman and was exported into Blender naked. Then I modeled a simple spacesuit using the exact same method I used to create Cecil's robe.

Once the two figures were done, it was time to add them to my current big project: Space station lobby. You can click it for FHD size view. It turns out that this project may be hard on my PC more than on myself. I could feel my PC choking from time to time while I was adding models and changing things. I will see how far my PC can handle.

Meanwhile, I am looking at Terragen in order to create space scenery backdrops. Terragen would also allow me to create planets and would add a new dimension to my current projects.

We will see.

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I've written an entry, My journey into Blender #2: Building my library. Give it a shot if you haven't read it because it helps you to understand what this is about.

You can click the image for FHD size view.

This scene, which is not complete as I state it as ver 0.1, took me 2 weeks to reach this far. Majority of time was spent in trying to understand how Blender handles character rigging, character design, character morphing and all kind of crap.

The scene is supposed to be a space station lobby. The lobby has glass walls for space viewing, and that is Cecil standing there. Sorry, I can't reveal his front side because he has ... no eyes, no eyelashes. Even the hair is a whackjob at the moment.

There are supposed to be more than just one person in the scene but I needed to understand how human figures worked in Blender and that ate up most of my time. Now I have some understanding and the whole thing should speed up a little although I am going to take few days off Blender; I am getting headaches.

The space scene backdrop is actually an image from NASA. It was taken by Hubble space telescope.

Building my library allowed me to simply import the spaceships I've created. There was supposed to be a cruiser but the model is being reworked. The cruiser model was my first Blender work and I see it needs some tweaking.

The thing by Cecil is basically a space lobby bench with some greens in a glass tube along with a floating Mr. J doll.

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Hello, people.

It had been a long night. If you've been a regular visitor, you may have noticed that the site had been experiencing some downtime lately. The server had been having issues and today it broke down completely.

I attempted to revive but decided that my time was better spent relocating and restoring form backup. Even now, I am unable to restore my old account. The site is now on a new account and the site has been restored from September 10 backup.

I make site backup once every 2 weeks and the next backup was going to be on 24th. So, 12 days of contents were lost. Well, it's not too bad. It could have been worse if I had no backup.

Note: Some parts of the site is not working correctly due to change of server configuration. Issues will be ironed out eventually.

Missing updates will be restored eventually.

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A variation of Mr. J has take over at the logo place.

If you want to have a look at a bigger version of the render, here it is.

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Welcome Mr.J. It was an unofficial mascot of JanimeS but it is now the official mascot of this site.

For many years, it had no name. I had a dozen of forum emoticons made from it but somehow I refused to give it a name. Now, thanks to Blender, I was able to bring it back in 3D and I shall name it "Mr. J" and declare it to be the official mascot of Sura's Place.

Long may it burn.

Subsequently, History of this site has been updated.

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I've completed a fighter craft design for Two Clusters.

You can see full size @ Two Clusters 3D render room under spaceships.

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