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August 30 updates, 2014 (Edited)

1. A river crossing river episode 6 has been added... It's ending soon.

2. Supper Daddy episode 12 has been added. The emotional part of this webtoon begins from 16th episode. Until then it's happy time for the couple.

Edit: Legacy project link has been moved under Misc for now. The Repository has been taken offline due to some issues. I am also coming up with a new system that will combine webtoons and one-shots seamlessly.

August 29 updates, 2014

1. Gallbladder episode 11 has been added.

2. A river crossing giant episode 5 has been added.

3. Useful GFN episode 62 has been added.

4. Siren episode 3 has been added.

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August 28 updates, 2014

1. Spring, Fall episode 25 has been added.

2. Siren episode 2 has been added.

3. Evil Queen's holiday episode 10 has been added.

August 27 updates, 2014

1. Useful GFN episode 61 has been added. Someone's jealous now.

2. The chronicle of Myo-Jin season 2 episode 1 has been added.

3. Punch Road round 18 has been added.

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August 26 updates, 2014

1. Introducing a new webtoon, Siren. Nothing much to say about this one. It is fairly dark. Episode 1 has been added.

2. Dalsez episode 40 has been added. I think the plot is dragging which means one thing. The author is under a strict contract. Contracted webtoons tend to have fats.

3. The underdog episode 8 has been added.

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  • Wow, thank you for the new series, Sura! Siren looks pretty interesting and the artwork is quite dark too. This looks exciting!
    about 4 days ago
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