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For general discussions, debates, or cat fights.

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Webtoon introduction & reviews

Let me introduce you webtoons you've probably not seen before.

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Webtoons and Anime

This is the place to discuss anime, manga, and manwha in general. This is also a place to discuss my projects.

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Guest - zxcvbnm,
... and she keeps wearing that dress forever, in bath, on bed... all year round.
I had it disabled due to a large number of spam signings. I've enabled it back for now.
Guest - ThuLan
dear Sura, i am searching for the last volume of Love at first sight... then i learned that i have t...
Guest - sergioGM
Why no more chapters?
Hi Sura! Thank you so much for this series! I was wondering where I can find the Love At First Sight...
Guest - unknown
I want more, please
So this is the tamagotchi for lonely guys?
I will try not to speculate that the most popular costum...
Not going to work on cell phone since it's in RAR and 700mb as well as it needs to be extracted.
Hello Sura!! I cannot download this manhwa to my phone. Does it have to be a PC, or is there a restr...
Hello, first thank you so much for your work and your tastes in manwha! Could you please share the d...