Monday, 11 July 2016 03:58


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is the name of the RPG game I've been working on.

Wednesday, 06 July 2016 23:50 redesigned.

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I now have two games in making. This should keep me occupied for next 10 years at least.

Feel free to visit

Monday, 04 July 2016 02:38

Animegirl made in Blender

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This is strange but this anime girl was made in Blender. The girl model isn't my creation but her clothes and hair are. Making an anime girl wasn't why I started to learn Blender. The reason I am saying this is strange is because this opens up new possibilities.

Two Clusters isn't suited for anime style renders. But there is a story that was actually written with anime in mind. It was Two Clusters: Bhavacakra. I wrote it about 10 years ago. Bhavacakra is, to put it simply, a vastly simplified version of Two Clusters set in a fantasy medieval world.

Being able to create anime-style render means I may be able to make a RPG game out of Bhavacakra. The plot was about 400 pages and I had its lore fully built. World map, town names, etc etc were all written. I may be able to bring it to life.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016 04:00

Not quiet over yet

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While I've taken my hands off working on webtoons, I am still willing to do projects provided that I only do translations. I just don't have spare time to do editing & translation both anymore with my priority shifted to working on my novel.

So, this "Editer wanted" thread is still valid.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016 02:27

Version 0.6 for my visual novel is out.

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Monday, 20 June 2016 02:00

Girlfriend app

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Girlfriend app... for Android phone, yes.

Girl-Friend-App, yes. If you browse Google play with language set in either Korean or Japanese, you can find a fair amount of Girlfriend app.

What the app does is that it gives you ... a digital, eventually nagging, girlfriend. It is fairly popular among young guys. Even some middle-age men have it on their phone.

The app works by gently forcing its players to pay attention to it. You have to periodically play the app in order to increase affinity to the digial girl. High affinity allows its players to change her costomes (which players need to purchase with real money). Reaching higher affinity requires gifts, some of which must be purchased with real money.

Just looking at the amount of reviews such app receives indicate that it has some dedicated playerbase.

The four reviews displayed on the image above say things like "I've finally got a girlfriend!", "It's good, heh. Item arts are lovely.", "How should I respond when my girlfriend gets ill TT", and "I've got a girlfriend in my palm."

I am not writing this to judge them although it's hard to resist hearing a snicker or two in my head as I write this. But each to their own. Let's just leave it at that.

These kind of apps work by gradually making its players addicted and eventually force them to spend real money for gifts and costumes. And as always, there are addicts who can't control themselves and end up spending quite large amount of money over their digital girlfriends.

These apps are known to consistantly nag you by making your phone vibrate periodically. Thankfully, these apps are designed to stay slient during night time.

Errr... whatever.

Sunday, 19 June 2016 22:00

Webtoon "PermIT!"

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This webtoon "PermIT!" is created by the author of Useful Good-for-nothing which I am sure many of you still remember.

Webtoon URL:

In order to view the webtoon, you need to go through an extra hoop which is registering with Payco ( I personally dislike having yet another layer on top of everything else. As if I don't have enough passwords to remember...

Currently in Korea, there are gazillions of different standards for online payment that it isn't funny. One can unify the payment via cell phone but you've better watch your bill or you can be slapped with a bill that mounts few thousands easily if you aren't careful.

Anyway, PermIT webtoon is regarding a couple of guys who manage to enter computer science course at a decent university. This webtoon is about hacking and other computer mambo jumbo.

One of staff that may sound really awkward to you while reading this webtoon is "Girlfriend app" which is ... exactly what it is. The app lets you date a girl on screen. You have to please her by checking on her ever so often and sometimes she will ask a gift (that costs real money).

... Needless to say, I know a fair amount of guys are really attached to such app.


The major problem with this webtoon is that the plot targets a really niche audience and I didn't find the webtoon worthywhile at all, not at all. I can see that the plot is trying to make me laugh or at least grin but it wasn't working on me.

But it is not the artist's fault. This webtoon has two authors, one's in charge of plot. The other is in charge of the art. The one in charge of the art is responsible for Useful GFN. I don't know why she chose to have a writer. I mean Useful GFN was fairly good. I beleive she may have chosen to work with a plot writer because the ending of Useful GFN was a major letdown. But this writer isn't any good, either.

Is this webtoon worth your time? I would say probably not.

Anyway, click read more for some screenshots.

Saturday, 18 June 2016 13:14

Webtoon 남창 "Male prostitute"

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Catchy title, eh?

But the webtoon stays true to its title. It is a story about a male prostitute who performs predominantly BL actions.

It is a challenge webtoon, meaning it is a level below regular webtoon. Still, the drawing is alright and the story is okay as well.

Webtoon URL:

A challenge webtoon can be taken off at any moment. If you like the work, better save it on your harddrive.

The MC is a young woman who get caught reading a BL webtoon by her younger sister. They get into a fight and the MC slips and cracks her skull against a corner of her desk. She bleeds badly and soon dies (while begging her sister to turn her PC off which was ignored).


Shortly after her passing, she gets reincarnated into a boy in a fantasy world. Where she was reborn was a prostitute house where he will be raised as a male prostitute. That is how the story begins.

Having loving BL webtoons in her former life, he is actually eager to start working. And when he starts to work, a war breaks out and his village is destroyed and the MC is taken a prisoner. He eventually becomes a sex slave to a Prince who led the assault.

...... The plot is bold and occasionally comical and ironic. It also uses a fair amount of BL slangs.

Overall, I find the plot fairly good. It actually makes sense and sometimes emotionally moving. Let me remind you that this is a story about a male sex slave. What else do you need more?

Do I recommend this? I guess it depends. The plot can be a little brutal and too direct. If you are someone who can handle some controversies, then go ahead. (Well, if you can handle BL, I suppose you can handle controversies.)

Anyway, click "Read more" for more screenshots.

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