I tend to keep close eyes on American politics, especially presidential primaries, but I've never really expressed my opinions on it because discussing politics is like throwing oil into fire.

Besides, presidential primaries have been rather boring to watch.

Not this year apparently and that is thanks to Trump.

I've been enjoying reading coverage of presidential primaries this year and I've liked Trump from get-go. I like his crooked personality. He's a crook and I don't think he denies that while all other politicians try to claim that they are as clean as snow.

In my book, politicians have to be crooks. You can't make things to work in your favor if you are an honest person and all goody goody.  I also dislike politicians who try to be politically correct simply because being politically correct is borderline lying.

Lying itself is fine with me. Refusing to admit the lies is what gets me and the firm refusal is what almost all politicians do.

I don't 100% like Trump but I do think he brings new, crooked, fresh air to American politics.

So, despite of me being a Korean, I declare myself to be a Trump supporter.

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Chapter 2 is now complete. It has around 30 minutes of gameplay.

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Ever since the last news update, I haven't updated any of the webtoon projects just to see any new releases had any impact. By time of this post, it's just a day shy of a week and site traffic has seen only 10% decrease which supports my earlier analyze that the site is living off old links.

Based on that finding, here are my plans.

1. I am now taking 90/10 workload plan. 90% being working on my stuff on and 10% being working on webtoons.

2. Which means there will be only one update per week, and I will no longer announce any webtoon updates because it doesn't matter.

3. In 2 months of time, my current hosting plan expires. I am going to let the hosting plan expire and relocate the site to the smallest plan suitable for this site which should reduce operating cost of this site by 50%. I am also going to move big files to Amazon S3 which is pay-per-use web storage medium. I've already moved some of largest files there and my last month's bill was 0.24 US dollars.

That is pretty much it. The site won't completely die and will be on a life support. I am letting the site live for the sake of history. It has been alive since year 1998 after all.


TappyToon has licensed Again, Spring webtoon and contacted me for removal of the webtoon from the site. I duly complied.


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Some visitors may know that I've been pushing my CGs, novel, as well as a visual novel on this site - which has now vanished from the site.

I now have moved everything other than webtoon to its own website because I was finding this site becoming too messy.

The website was born on April 18 -

My main focus has been on my own creations for a while. My novel had always been a side project to translating webtoons but with rise of Blender and me becoming far better at it than I originally anticipated, I started to see new possibilities.

The 4th page of "History of this site" says I currently have 60/40 workload share in my own creations/webtoons - which stands still true to this day. But the ratio will change. And eventually, the ratio will be 90/10 at which point, I'd spend minimal amount of time on webtoons

In short, my future lies with instead of this site. There is no debate really. It's my own creations versus translating someone else's creations (without their consents). Really, it's no brainer.

There is something else as well. This site currently lives off old links. What I mean is that 70% of site traffic is generated from people googling and finding old projects of mine. Those people simply view what they found from google (99% / 1% is Bing) and just leave.

Sad news is that, from my analyze of site traffic, my new releases have minimal impact on generating site traffic. New releases are taken by manga aggregator sites within hours and it's them who get the traffic. Only a handful amount of people (10ish) visit this site for new releases.

Manga aggregator sites are the trend and I have no ability to alter that. So, instead of pulling my hairs trying to combat those Chinese money grabbers, I'd rather work on my own materials.

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  • Here is to Sura! I agree. I'm interested in seeing how your sci fi novel pans out. I've recently gotten into military sci-fi, which reminded me about Two Clusters.
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It's been over a month but Dalsez Ep.81 is finally out.

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  • Guest - xeo your translations are on another website
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I've been considering 19+ (adult) webtoons. Most are downright porn. some are a mix of sex + comedy. Few are just ordinary webtoons with adult relationships. I am considering the third kind and perhaps few from the second kind.

My decision has not been made on this but, should I go ahead with this, strict approved-member-view only rule will be implied.

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Losstime project page.

I've been looking for a webtoon like this for a long time. A webtoon based on football but doesn't go overboard and doesn't introduce some supernatural events.

I am not a diehard football fan but I did follow Manchester United in England for a bit because Park Ji-Sung played there for many years. After he left, I still followed Manchester United until Sir Alex Ferguson retired. My home city Football club is Suwon Samsung Bluewings.

I found this webtoon fairly good and felt it tried to stay fairly realistic. The MC is in twilight of his career. He is 34 years old. He doesn't expect much and acts mature on field. This is contrast to many football (soccer) comics where a young MC grows up.

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Well, the once abandoned forum is back.

It's been about 7 or 8 months since I declared it dead. One of reasons it has been brought back is to post my progress journal for Blender.

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I've removed old renders since they were getting outdated and they no longer look good enough for me.

At the same time, I've added two new renders with improvements.

@CG works

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